Political Jackals

Right and Wrong Judgment

Growing discontent, impending disasters.
This is how our government accelerates crises.

I would like to see that our government makes things better. I would like see that the government protects us from disasters.
People would be happy!
Russia normalizes violence and war.
Are you scared and do you want all nations to find peaceful way to resolve their differences?
The Nazis in Kyiv kill the Russian speaking population in the Donbas.Do you value freedom, safety and respect for all people, independent of what is their language?
The West has too long entertained the hope that Russia would change through trade and diplomacy. With the 24th of February 2022 this hope has been forever crushed.Would you have liked a clearer judgment on Russia from the West far earlier, so that the current catastrophic war in Europe could have been avoided? (guessing a possible request)
as above …Do you appreciate peace-keeping competence?
The Western democracies are the most hypocrite that one can imagine.1. Are honesty and integrity high values for you?
2. Is this about their human rights record?
The Kreml succeeded in completely depolitizising the Russian people.Do you value when people actively participate in decision-making in their society?
This is a crime.
(An activity that does not respect the law.)
Do you value when people respect the law, because you feel safer in such a world
This is the law.
(Laws are public requests, asking people to behave or not behave in a certain way.)
Needs to be worked on a separate page.

This is typical westsplaining.

Do you like more care, respect and awareness about the history and life reality of the Eastern European nations?
This is typical anti-Americanism.
Do you value seeing positive sides as well as negative sides of a nation?
These are blind spots.Do you like unhampered visibility?
You are a white priviledged person.
Do long for support and empathy for people of all skin colors?
Lenin: Kulaks are bloodsuckers and vampires.
Have you lost all trust, that these kulaks will ever want to be helpful to others?
The majority of the Russian population has a wagon fortress mentality.Do you wish that all human societies remain connected, aware of our common humanity?
This is pure copium on the part of Simoyan.Do you value when people accept their losses?
Churchill was a monster.
Are you shocked to see people who value a person that has done so much harm?
This is a conspiracy.

Would you like to trust that people have good intentions and that politics would be done in a fair and transparent manner?
This is a conspiracy theory.
Are you frustrated and do you like when people are open to be moved by dialogue?
She accused the West of double standards.
Would you like to see all people treated with equal dignity and fairness?
You may crucify freedom, but the human soul knows no shackles!translate it
The West is hypocritical.
Exploring this jackal in a specific context.
Do you want people to be treated equally?
And you need integrity?
Germans have holes in their memory.
(Polish foreign mininster Sikorski)
Would you like to see that people share the memory of important events with each other?
Blame the other of what you are doing
They hate us.Do you feel unsafe?
Putin is the leader of a criminal gang.

Are you scared and do you want to live in a world, where you can trust that laws are enforced that provide safety for everyone?
The West wants to impose their godless ways on us.I want to be free to conduct my life in harmony with my values and faith.
charlatan …
A charlatan (also called a swindler or mountebank) is a person practicing quackery or a similar confidence trick in order to obtain money, power, fame, or other advantages through pretense or deception.
Do you like when people report with honesty what their personal skills are or what products they offer can accomplish?
Do you want people to treat trust between people as an immensely valuable and sacred thing?
Would that mean care for human vulnerability?