What is the NVC Zero Step?

What is nonviolent communication without the consciousness which it is in the service of?
Not very much!

Rumi expressed it like this:

Beyond the field of right and wrong, there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

And there are many more ways to name that field – one of them being “Zero Step”

In this brief excerpt Jori and Jim Manske define the Zero Step as the shortest formula to describe the fundamental underlying consciousness of compassionate communication – a consciousness without which the technicalities of nonviolent communication lose their meaning.

Zero Step:
“The Intention to connect
in the service of compassionate giving
and bringing attention to the present moment.”


You can watch the whole session (44 minutes) on the topic of the Zero Step below. You will find many more helpful hints in it.

If you watch this on YouTube, you find underneath the video a contents index, allowing you to skip to parts that interest you most.

Have fun!