We can differentiate two ways of thinking – one is static and leading to suffering, one is dynamic and life-serving and leads to liberation.

In this category we organize translations of jackal into giraffe.

The power, efficiency and beauty of jackal allow for many translations into giraffe. From a giraffe perspective jackals are wondrous awarenesses and we pick one guess, that finds resonance in us, as we imagine ourselves in the shoes of the other person. We do not know, we guess and we are sensing. Take the translations below as guesses, please. Try to feel what the guess means to you. Make your guess, from your own sensing of a situation with these jackal expressions.

Please remember also, that each short jackal expression only gains its full potential in a specific situation. Words always make sense in a specific context.

Furthermore, the translations are put forward as a question – this a formal correspondance with the idea of guessing. More important than the form, however, is the spirit of a guess, the spirit of not knowing, the spirit of curiosity in an open-hearted way. So a statement can be meant as a guess – and a guess can be meant as a statement. Spirit matters.

We can practice this giraffe hearing in all situations where we find it fun to connect with life. So, listening to someone speak in jackal we chose to hear all he or she says in giraffe. That is an advanced exercise that can only ever be accomplished, if we start finding it fun and empowering to listen to life in people instead of following our habit of hearing in terms of right and wrong judgments.

I find wrong when someone …Do you like when people …
Trampling on something
Do you want things to be treated with respect and great care?
This nation adopted a wagon fortress mentalityDo you want nations to be open and trusting?
This is a conspiracy.

Would you like to trust that people have good intentions? And would you like that we make political decisions together, with transparency and mutual respect?
He acts in ignorance of millions of people.
Do you need awareness for the interests of all people, who are affected by important decisions?
My own audience cancelled me.

Would you like acceptance and understanding, especially when it comes to the things that matter most to you in your life?
“I feel like an animal in a cage – only the animal is at least given water.”
Transform this to:
“You treat me worse than an animal.”
I feel hurt when I am placed in a cage.
I need dignity and care.
This is what I value, I don’t mean blame.
Please tell me what you hear me say.
It is wrong when someone uses dehumanizing language.

Please say what you value direct & in a positive way, instead of through making others wrong. It would fill my need for hope, learning and peace. Do I make sense?
Russia should not negotiate.
Do you need trust, that a better understanding is possible and that agreements will be kept?
He is just like his father. He has a depression mentality when it comes to money.Do you like ease and joyfulness, when you think about what is possible with money?