Mr. Solovyov is a propagandist for the Russian state media. He practices passionate communication on the channel Russia One in various of his TV talk shows. For many his way of sharing might sound “violent” and so he offers us opportunities to practice self-compassion and compassion.

Here is a recent example, where Solovyov throws a tantrum. The trigger is a Russian citizen who says he wants to see Putin hanged on the social media:

Trigger: Russian citizens openly calls for the execution of Putin

Solovyov starts his show by re-playing an introduction of about two minutes by Roman Golovanov, who expresses his indignation about the citizen who calls for the hanging of Putin. Then he starts himself:

Why, why, why?

I experience responses on an energetic level to –

  • his voice being louder than conversational volume
  • facial and body expressions – wide open mouth, movement with arms
  • right-wrong judgments
  • should statements
  • demands

All of these stimuli need for me to be taking in with care – for the fear, anger, confusion, and perhaps sadness they may bring up.

Russian Media Monitor

You will find more excerpts from his shows and Russian state TV on a YouTube channel offered by Julia Davis – Russian Media Monitor.

Mrs. Davis watches Russian state media daily and then prepares excerpts with English translations of what is being said for an international audience, curious to understand what the TV environment of current Russia looks like.

This is prime practice terrain for those of us who wish to excercise their inner spaciousness, compassion and empowerment – in short, their open heart and giraffe ears.