For me – and probably many of us – music has the ability to connect us to our feelings and our being in a very direct way, touching something that may lie beyond words, longings, joy, pain, hopes and dreams, as well as many memories full of meaning.

In the late 1960s the nascent awareness movement around empowerment through language also had its bards, first and formost perhaps Ruth Bebermeyer. I feel sad not to know much more about her path in life and I feel grateful for the many times Marshall Rosenberg has acknowleged her in his workshops. But here is a page where I collect some music of her – simple songs with very interesting texts.

I want to offer and share some of the works of music which have special relevance for me and hope you will discover some new perspectives or find old friends here.

It could have been better – Joan Armatrading (Top 1 Giraffe Compassionate Beauty Video)
Fast car – Joanna Armatrading with Luke Combs 2024
Autumn Leaves
Moon River

It ain’t necessarily so
U2 – Ordinary Love
Strange Fruit – Billie Holiday

Bach – Abel – Lucile Boulanger
Bach – Marcello – Tarkovsky
Bach – Up and Down – WTC 2 – Schwan

Aurora – Teardrop
Aurora – Runaway
Ethel Cain
Florence Welch

Amir Pass – I Am That I Am

Birdy – Walking in the air
Elton John – Sacrifice (covered by Ed Sheeran and James Blunt)

Dreams – R. Wagner

Dreistimmige Musik – Hermann Hesse

Prayer for Peace