Hating …

Hate relates to anger. Anger follows from wrong perceptions. We are in need and we blame someone else for not getting what we need instead of taking care of our pain and need ourselves. Anger can turn to hate by solidified wrong perceptions.

Especially dangerous are wrong perceptions when a state is led by an autocratic system and broadcasts wrong perceptions on a permanent basis. This can lead to a lot of destruction and suffering.

We are not separate from each other. We need to learn to take care of our own anger and hate, we will live more happily and healthy when we are able to do this. We will be able to give more understanding to people, who are caught in such wrong perception and painful emotions.

Listening deeply we can hear the deep pain behind a person acting or speaking in hateful ways. When we hate we have lost contact with a part of ourselves, a part that is compassionate and understanding – and that is true for ourselves and for others. When we believe that power will bring us happiness and that revenge will bring us relief, we are giving away all our power and capacity to bring happiness to us and others.

I have lost the ability to practice love in action, can you please help me to find my true nature back?

“Hate destroys the personality of the hater”, said Martin Luther King jr. in his sermon on “Love your enemy as yourself.”

And the Zen master and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh said about the rulers in Vietnam, who exiled him from his country of origin: “They need my support.” and “They are the object of my practice of compassion.”

And Jesus invites us to not engage with destructivity or humilation in kind; he invites to maintain our stability and inner awareness of our mutual interdependence, he invites us to act in suprising ways to remind and guide those who have lost their path in life to come back, to remember, to heal their true nature.