Say what you mean

Foreword by Joseph Goldstein


Part 1

Part 1: The First Step – Lead with Presence
1. The Center of Our Lives
2. The Power of Mindfulness
3. Relational Awareness

Part 2

Part 2: The Second Step – Come from Curiosity and Care
4. The Blame Game
5. Where are you coming from
6. Don’t Let the Call Drop

Part 3

Part 3: The Third Step – Focus on What Matters
7. Getting Down to What Matters
8. Emotional Agility
9. Enhancing Empathy and Inner Resilience
10. How to Raise an Issue Without Starting a Fight
11. If You Want Something, Ask for It

Part 4

Part 4: Bringing it all together
12. The Flow of Dialogue
13. Running the Rapids
14. Conclusion – Charting your Course

Summary of Principles
Useful Communication Phrases

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