Statements (to be)

German policy on nuclear energy is dishonest.

Wokeness is the new canceling police.

Democracy is a good form of government.

You are a genius.

I am a learner.

In jackal we believe that such TO-BE-STATEMENTS refer to a reality outside.
In giraffe we hear and understand them as an alienated form of communication about feelings, needs and requests of a speaker. The person tells us what they feel and what they would li
ke or what they are thankful for.

All of these sentences are build around the word “to be”. It points to a static situation.

So the verb “to be” does not reflect the fact that life is constantly changing, life is a process, it is not static.

The Verb "To Be" - A Root of Ignorance/Delusions/Misunderstandings - Marshall Rosenberg
Root of Ignorance/Delusion

I found myself in awe hearing how many times Marshall Rosenberg found a way to use a process description to replace a judgment in his recorded workshops. I intend to write down examples of that on this page below, in the future.

So, again, if you find it fun to do, you could ask yourself how to translate a simple static statement into the world of processes we live in.

The world is wonderful.
At this moment I feel happy appreciating the beauty and calmness of this place in nature.

Bringing in your subjectivity is a first step to come back to a dynamically changing, alive world.