Here are the people who contribute to these pages. Those people who directly help to create content for this Internet site introduce themselves on this page. Those people who made significant contributions to the art of compassionate living, are more directly on an imagined team of spiritual leaders: Ghandi, Martin Luther King jr., Marshall Rosenberg, Thich Nhat Hanh, Stephen Schwartz, Robert Gonzales.

John Gather

My name is John Gather and at the time of this writing, in 2023, I live in Germany. I feel connected both with USA and Russia, with the Baltics and Ukraine, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Tunisia and Kenya. Part of my international friendships has to do with my encounter with Marshall Rosenberg’s work.

I discovered nonviolent communication as proposed by Marshall Rosenberg in 2013. In the process of integrating his teaching into my personal lifeI came to think of it as ‘compassionate communication’, in order to name in a non-judgmental way what I see as a core intention – to communicate on a human heart to heart level, with openness and understanding.

I have been in particular impressed and enriched by the clarity and depth offered by Robert Gonzales, the clarity and consciseness of Sylvia Haskvitz, the dialogue skills of Miki Kashtan, the giraffe speaking and hearing skills of Klaus Karstädt, the warmth and integrity of Liv Larsson and the playfullness and embodiment practices of Robert Kryzynik.

Furthermore I see that the teaching of Marshall Rosenberg fits into a far older, wiser tradition of Eastern buddhist practices of mindfulness and bringing mind and body together, when their separation can cause much harm to us and otheres. Essentially the ability to stop and to take time for understanding what is going on, in order to respond rather than follow an automatic pattern of reactions – many of which are based on misunderstanding and failed attempts to heal the wounds of the past in the here and now.

Since 2017 I began offering communication workshops myself and at times I offer coaching to individuals as well as mediation in conflict situations.

I work as a free communication trainer and I opted out of joining a larger organization such as CNVC or local variants of it in Germany, seeing myself being sensitive to vestiges from domination structures in them. Even when community is a deep need of mine, I feel a negative impact on me when being around those organizations. I feel more connected to the community energy in engaged buddhism.

I like team work together with colleagues. I thank Dalia Verbyle, Wiltraud Terlinden, Sonja Nowakowski and Christian Drees and my wife Natalia Gather for many moments of fun and mutual support.

I believe we all know what we need to know about communication, only we tend to forget what is really important and we have formed unhelpful habits – jackal habits of expressing what is important to us – as well as sometimes really want to stay in a bad place, because at least we know where we are. 🙂

This could be you.

If you like to contribute in creating content for this website, please write me a note and let us talk.

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