Dehumanizing language

The shortest form of the message by Timothy Snyder, as I hear it now, would be:

“It is wrong to use dehumanizing language.”

Recognizing Trump's patterns and rhetorical tricks
.Trump uses dehumanizing language to make the use of violence acceptable to people.

Language of enemy images leads consciousness. Consciousness leads to harmful actions. Timothy Snyder talks about it, albeit using the language of jackal when doing so.

I want to hear some part of his message in giraffe.
How might it sound?


I would like it if people would be willing to express their discomfort by saying what values important to them are not getting as much attention as they would like. I would like people to do this, rather than using enemy images in support of the change they want to see.

I am fearful that using the latter strategy can create more problems and even lead to physical violence, rather than deliver the desired result to make life better for all parties concerned.

It would fill my need for hope that we can all learn from history and find a way to live together peacefully and mutually supportive of everything that is so important to us.

Are you willing to tell me what you heard me say, so I can see if I made myself clear?

…. something like that sounds more giraffe to me.