This is a recent addition to the lexicon of political jackals.

Instead of speaking about injustice happening to groups of people in societies or accross nations on this planet, the focus turns to those who are privileged. What does it mean?

Well – some people grow up in an enviroment of relative luxury in a material sense. They live in safe places, with little physical violence, they have an operative school, clean streets and houses etc. etc.

Now a whole policital stream is forming around “identity politics”.

For each “identiy” – ie who you are – you can gauge your own sense of “privilege”.

Maybe some of you agree with me, that this way of looking at things is jackal in several ways – using the verb “to be” and then comparing yourself to another.

Additionally we can hear everything in giraffe. But in many cases, people do not have such giraffe ears at their disposition, so the passionate language creates disconnection and the opposite of the intended results. More injustice, less compassion, less willingness to change.