The West is hypocritical

This often heard jackal takes center stage in a comment by Russian vlogger Roman, as he reacts to his comparing of how the West reacts to Russia and Israel in different ways, whereas in his perception Russia and Israel both engage in colonialism and disproportionate use of violence against civilians and against civilian infrastructure.

Russia is condemned for its behavior, Russians are punished as a collective. Israel is not condemned for its behavior, and Israelis get no sanctions.

Before moving to disagree with the above basic perception of what is going on, I will first try to get what his main points are and what needs are unfulfilled as well as what his request might sound like.

For this I will make try to summarize his main arguments below the video. From the main point I will move to translate his expression into giraffe language here.

Why Israel is allowed to do everything Russia can't
Roman on Western hypocrisy in November 2023