A fictional or metaphorical opiate taken in order to cope when one is faced with loss or disillusionment. The humorous implication is that copium gives energy to denial in those that consume it.

The essense of the jackal, as I am hearing it now, could be laid out as:

“You should accept your loss.”

In that case we can hear the request to another person, that the speaker would enjoy experiencing acceptance of a situation – especially concerning a painful experience.

As one giraffe reception of this request with its possible feelings and needs, we might silently take that in as “Would you really enjoy to see a person expressing their loss with acceptance?” and connect to the beauty of the fulfilled need for acceptance and authenticity.


Or, to connect with words:

Would you like the person to accept their loss?

This would be a connection attempt on the level of their request. Because this is still tied to a specific person, which makes it a strategy and not a need offered. Still – this way of connecting often works to establish connection, as it is mindful of the fact that people may not be willing to open their heart in the first instances of dialogue – especially in a public setting.

If I sense the person and me are in a more trustful space, I may risk a deeper going request for connection, like so:

Do you value when people accept their losses?