You are …

Anything that comes in the form of a judgmental label carries a satisfying amount of felt emotion in it.

People enjoy making judgments like this – they feel right and a kind of justice is done, when pronouning them.

This way of expressing needs is quite normal in our world. People apply all sorts of labels – positive or negative – to themselves and others.

Churchill was a monster.

"Churchill Was A MONSTER!" Piers Morgan Debates Winston Churchill With BLM Activist
Example of a Jackal judgment alive in the context of current politics

One strategy to create connection here might be to go a bit slow. Rather than offering a need immediately, I would feel it more connecting to say a feeling and guess what the triggering observation might have been – like so:

Are you shocked to see people valuing a person that has done so much harm?

So this is asking for more information, in essence, of what is the interpretation, the jackal, that is at the core of the person’s heart here. Is it about Churchill or is it about the attitude people have towards this historical person? It might be a mix of both or one or the other or even something different.