Laws regulate our life in communities and societies and on the whole planet.

Obviously one can break a law.

What is a law from a giraffe point of view?

Well – in an ideal world we would come together as a community and make consensual agreements on what helps us to make life more wonderful every day and what is necessary to agree on for it concerns us all.

Take the speed limit.

So everybody would have to agree on that.

We can follow the discussion in Germany about introducing a speed limit on the Autobahn – which we do not have in many places yet. To this date – 2023 – political parties could not agree on making a speed limit to better care for the climate – which is the main reason given by proponents these days.

We do not have such a process, to find consentual agreements. The next best thing would be majority votes on certain laws. We see this in polular votes in Switzerland, where some issues are decided like this.

This all means that laws are applied by authorities from the top – this starts in our families, where policies are decided on mostly by parents alone. Then in school, then in society.

Nevertheless – most laws are still intended to make our life more wonderful. To provide safety, to promote justice, and more.