Doors to Compassion – Module 1

Module 1
Spirituality of Living Compassion
Day 1MeditationMeditation 1
RememberingRemembering – My Hunger
Talk and discussionA Spirituality called Living Compassion
Day 2MeditationMeditation 2
Remembering Remembering – There is a place
Talk and discussion

Mutual Presence – Openheartedness
Coming to our True Nature
Process – Transforming Pain into Beauty
(All of itpage)
Process demo – N
Dimensions of Inner Life (From Unconditioned Self to Protective Patterns)
Day 3MeditationMeditation 3 – Connecting to Presence
Talk – Essence – 15m
Dimensions of Inner Life – Unconditioned Self
Meditation on Essence/Unconditioned Self
Talk – Patterns of Disconnection – 40mDeveloping Protective Patterns
Process demo – T
T – Debrief
T – Sharing
Tracking States of Being
Day 4MeditationMeditation 4 – Silence in the Body
RememberingNahko – Aloha Ke Akua
TalkTracking States of Being
Process demo N
Afternoon sharing
Choosing Life
Day 5MeditationMeditation 5 – Connecting to Self
RememberingRemembering: Our True Power
Choosing Life
Session with Q&A
Process demo – C
Afternoon sharing
Preparing for Authentic Dialogue
Day 6Remembering
Process demo – J
Debrief – J
What supports us in open-hearted living?
Day 7Remembering

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