My Hunger

Robert reads Stephen Schwartz‘ text and shares why he chose this remembering or – as he puts it – why the reading chose him.

My Hunger - Stephen Robbins Schwartz
Giraffe Poetry Reading – Elogy of Transformation

My Hunger

My hunger is not about the way my mother or father treated me.

My wounds are, but not my hunger.

My hunger is not about the bank account.

My hunger is not about the need for relationship.

My hunger is more fundamental, more respectable, more dignified and beautiful than that.

My hunger is for a return to a state of reverent appreciation.

My hunger is for a return to an unhampered digestion in which the unconditional life current is received by me, as I am, in which I transform that life current and give it back again in an unobstructed way.

This is what my hunger is for.

When I don’t know that I try to fulfill it in ways that are inappropriate,
in ways that cannot possibly fulfill it.

And I wander through my life distracted, unclear, somewhat hysterical and panicked by the fact
that my longing, my hunger and, in this sense, my prayer just doesn’t seem to go away.

-Stephen Schwartz