Awakening our True Nature

This is the basic process of transformation (from jackal to giraffe) Robert developed around the year 2004, the elements of which he describes in the recording above. In some way, as those who know him may appreciate, he is taking the teaching of Marshall to a more embodied and spiritual level – providing many pointers for us to take our practice of compassionate living to a deeper level.

The whole process map below shows a way to cultivate the famous SPACE between stimulus and response, in which lie our freedom and potential for development. Going through this process we may arrive at CLARITY, COMPASSION and POWER. This is true as much on our invididual level as it is true on a national level or even for humanity as a whole. Can we learn and develop our consciousness? Yes, we can. We have this possibility, but it takes a practice.

As always – the giraffe is enjoying – practice, practice, practice.


Here is a step by step invitation by Robert to use the above process a challenging situation in your life.

Transforming Pain into Beauty of Needs

This is both the introduction and the process – in one piece

Inner Awareness and a Process of Transformation

Some of my own creative notes on all of this …

The first principle is to see that awareness is the seed of our true self.
In awareness lie our freedom to chose and our ability to grow and learn.

The second principle is space.
To notice that between sensory input and our response to it, there can be a space.
But this space is often not there.
We can only truly understand the significance of this inner space, if we have experienced it.
If we have not experienced it, we need support from others to help us experience it.
If it is not there, when we act on automatic pilot, or in emotional upheaval. If space is there, we can chose a response with consciousness.
If we can see that there can be a space or not, we understand the difference between facts and fiction. What is that thing, that makes us get stuck to a fiction?

Suffering. Pain. Fear. Intense emotion.
We experience intense emotions and the fiction helps us to cope with it.
When there is space, we can experience clarity. We can see the input, we can see our judgment about it. We can see the difference between the two.

our ability to evaluate and judge.
The third principle is the difference between our judgments and the facts.
The fourth principle is the ability to allow feelings to arise, when looking at the facts (letting go of the judgments.)
The fifth principle is the ability to touch light in the darkness of the unmet need – the beauty in the grief and the mourning.
The sixth principle is the empowerment that arises from dwelling in the beauty of the need.
The seventh principle is action coming from being connected with my full authenticity.