Under attack from evil, we will save the world

The West turned Ukraine into a concentration camp

Street Interview – Moscow in August 2023

Conducted by Daniil Orain – with much skill and care – for the 1420 media channel.
Watch the interview here or at the end of this page.

Click here to read about possible transformation from passionate to compassionate communication. Andrej holds some of the most widely shared stories/beliefs in Russia and, if you are like me, it can be a challenge to remain calm and collected hearing such “bullshit”.


Andrej: Vladimir Vladimirovitch (Putin) is taking the right steps, he is gradually restoring order. He’ll put things in order there first, then there, step by step, little by little.

Thank him very much for preserving Russia, it might not have existed at all.
Comrades Yeltsin and Gorbachev sold everything to the West.
And Putin is slowly starting to put things back together.

[Putin restores order.]
[Yeltsin and Gorbachev sold everything to the West.]

Daniil: How would your life be different if everything was sold to the West?

Neither I would exist nor Russia.

How come?

Russia would be a concentration camp I wouldn’t survive in.
They would keep 15 million to service the oil pipe and wipe out the rest.

[If everything were sold to the West, Russia would be a concentration camp and I would not exist.]

In the West there is no concentration camp, they instead put monuments to those places.

They made a natural concentration camp out of Ukraine.
Now its impossible to live there, one can only fight.

The West did this?

Yes, the West.
And the Ukrainians were friends with us, I was friends with them.
I had friends from there, very nice guys.
What was done to them, no one asked them for their consent.

[The West forced Ukrainians to fight with us, before that we were friends.]

By the way, foreigners watch us.
Could you explain to them why they (Westerns) are doing this?

There is a system of evil and a system of light.
The West is a system of darkness that wants to maintain its dominance.
Time is already running out, their powers are running out, their magical power is already ceasing to work.

We’re good, they’re evil.
We fight evil. Correct?

Russia’s mission is always to save the world.
We do it as best we can, sometimes badly, but we do our best.

[Russia has the mission to save the world. We do our best.]

I can’t argue with that. I have nothing else to add.

Street Interview - Moscow August 2023