Restoring Order, Protect Values

Putin restores order.

Empathy possible for OFNR – Remember to check if the atmosphere is open enough, to allow for deepening of contact. If not, you may want to first say you would like to lead a respectful dialogue with the intention of deeping understanding of an apparent different opinion and ask how that would be for them.

Get curious about observations:
Can you name one of Putin’s decisions that helped to restore order in Russia?

Get curious about feelings:
Are you feeling lucky to have Putin as a president?

Get curious about a need:
Do you value when things are ordered in the public space?

Get curious about a request:
Is there anything that could be done even better in terms of restoring order, considering that you are already quite happy with how things are going ?

Yeltsin and Gorbachev sold everything to the West..

Yeltsin and Gorbachev sold everything to the West.

I value protection of what is valuable to all of us.