Transforming Story Lines – Andrej

If we imagine ourselves to be Andrej for a moment and as him we would like to transform our passionate stories into interconnected stories, we need to a couple of steps.

1 – Awareness

First – become aware that we the possibility to be aware, that we have the possibility to stop our thinking and become aware of what is happening in the present moment. We return to our breathing and feel what is there to feel in our body – fear, tension, relaxation. We stop focusing only on our thinking and connect with our body.

2 – Name what is Happening with Awareness

Second – I name what is happening using words. This I can do silently, aloud or write it down. What is happening can be thoughts, feelings or sense impressions.

3 – Observing thinking and thoughts

Third – I look at an important story in my current life.

“Without Putin I would not be alive.”
I notice that this is not on observation, but an interpretation.
I then add the first words ‘I am telling myself the story that …(insert interpretation)’
So in this case:
“I am telling myself the story that without Putin I would not be alive.”

4 – Differentiating the story from the facts, that gave rise to me having a story

Fourth – I look at the underlying facts, which lead me to create a certain story.

5 – I put my awareness to the difference between facts and the story and I observe what I feel when I do that.