Responsibility and Belonging

I recommend watching these two short presentations on the current political conflict and how it relates to deepest spheres of our existence, as well as our future possibilities to develop our consciousness by learning and growing instead of repeating.

In the first video Vlad Vexler presents the examples of Thomas Mann and Mikhail Chordokovsky, as well as himself, to show how it is possible to stay in relationship with the worst in what a culture brings forth, instead of shielding oneself off – by a “not-me” perspective.

Why All Russians Are Responsible for Putin's War
Presentation 1

In the second presentation Vlad investigates how it is that so many Russians display a total lack of empathy towards Ukraine, and even their own country men, chosing to deny reality.

Why Russians CHOOSE to Deny Reality
Presentation 2

Please share what these presentations bring up in you, after seeing them.

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