Kherson liberated – 11.11.22

On November 11th 2022 the city of Kherson in Southern Ukraine was liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). The below video shows touching scenes of relief and joy from individuals and crowds. Ukrainians greet their liberators with flowers, hugs, tears and words of gratitude.

The liberation happened after a 9-month brutal occupation by Russian invasion forces. The occupation included a mock referendum, repression of all Ukrainian patriotism, disappearance and torture of citizens and a replacement of official Ukrainian state structures with Russian collaborators.

This is a moment to live for – one man said – in generations.

Ukraine War: Tears of relief and joy in liberated Kherson

It was … and it will be: Ukraine

President Zelensky visits Kherson city in the morning of November 14th, 2022.

Again this president shows his immense courage, moving into a city still in the range of Russian artillery and when many Russian soldiers stuck on the Kherson side of the river are hiding there, wearing civilian clothing. He needed to be there and celebrate with the citizens and the victorious soldiers, who have diligently fought for months for this moment.

Ukraine: Zelenskiy visits newly liberated city of Kherson

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