Robert Gonzales (1949-2021)

Robert continues to live on in many people, who were touched deeply by his work and practice of compassion.

He understood the tools of nonviolent communication in their full potential for the development of our human consciousness, which often times starts from the self and its stories and moves to the liberation of becoming aware of the deeper life energy that lies at the basis of all life – needs.

In the heart of compassionate communication Robert shares about some fundamental principles to become aware of and how to practice.

His LIFE programs showed to many of us how the traditional four steps of nonviolent communication could be taken to a deeper level. To increase our awareness of our blaming and interpretative tendencies, to give more time and space for feelings and needs, to take time and practice together by using the tool of the empathy dyad – meditation in the presence of another.

Openings – a collection of questions used for empathy dyads.

I want to write more – just to do some justice to the gratitude I feel for having been able to share deep moments of meaning with Robert and friends from the path of compassionate living.

To our compassionate hearts.


Living the fullness of life