Iron Curtain

Lina Rossmeyer – a relationship coach – announced that they would re-patriate to Russia, being deeply disappointed by Europe.

She then goes to describe the practical steps she needs to take to get to Russia and mentions that there is again an iron curtain. And the iron curtain was installed not by Russia, but by Europe.

AUSWANDERN nach Russland: Europa verlassen für IMMER
German title translates to “Byebye forever”

I decided to write a reply to Lina.

Dear Lina,

you call the suspension of flight connections to and from Russia from the EU an iron curtain.

The “Iron Curtain” is a term that refers to the confinement of people within the Soviet bloc. Unfortunately, since the USSR constantly spread lies about how bad things were for people in the West, it was necessary to forbid people from seeing the truth in the West. Overall, people in the USSR were not free to travel to the West just like that – they didn’t get permission to do so. Even people who traveled to East Germany from other areas of the USSR were amazed at the “wealth” there. But East Germans fled to the West to such an extent that a wall was even built right through Berlin in 1961 – supposedly a “protective wall against the fascist West.” In reality, economic development diverged dramatically between the free part of Germany and the part occupied and violated by Russia. Until the wall came down in 1989.

By the way, the violent occupation of Germany was called “liberation” – in reality, forced collection was carried out there. People were dispossessed, following the model of communism. Nobody asked the farmers, the business owners, whether they agreed with this. And then all those in Germany who were willing to cooperate with the new rulers from Moscow were promoted. Anyone who refused could be declared a Nazi or otherwise sent to the GULAG as an enemy of the people. Or at least experience disadvantages in your job or life. D

he ideal of the USSR – a paradise on earth – through the implementation of policies for the working class – was a declaration of moral bankruptcy from the start. Because this revolution was brought into society by force from the head – the millions of victims of this policy in the USSR are once again dismissed as less important today. STalin is again seen positively in Russia. In reality, Stalin made a pact with Hitler when England was already being attacked by the Nazis. The great terror against its own population was only 2 years before the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. The handshake between German Nazis in the West and USSR Nazis in the East. And when the USSR invaded the Baltics and Poland in 1939, this was renamed “liberation”. The USSR killed thousands of Polish elites by shooting them in the head and even deported their wives and children to the USSR. It is simply unbelievable that these truths are being rewritten again in the Kremlin today. Many Z-Russians and USA haters love these fantasized stories.

The USA and England, in turn, saved the USSR from destruction during the war. Military and humanitarian aid for Stalin in 1941-42 was delivered under land leases – 400,000 jeeps and trucks alone – these quantities go beyond what is imaginable today. The English helped massively in bringing all of this to Russia. At what point will the rulers in Moscow face this truth? He speaks of “Western elites who have been filling their bellies with human flesh for centuries.”

There is systematic agitation against the West and we are again seeing the lies about the economic decline in the West. Is that really true? I think in reality people are complaining at a very high level – in the rural areas of Russia and also in the provincial towns there is a level of poverty that we have not seen in Europe for a long time. No sewage system, power outages, flooding in the basements, streets that don’t deserve the name. There would be so much to invest. Instead, we see the country’s money flowing into a war that once again wants to tell a smaller country what it should and shouldn’t do. But the lies are back. An attack is reinterpreted as a defense. The destruction of entire cities is declared liberation.

And the suspension of the flight connection was in response to the troop invasion of Ukraine, with 200,000 soldiers, tanks, planes, etc. I would think it would be fine if you said that when you describe the difficulties in reaching Russia. Then it would be clear to me whether you are on the side of truth and justice – or – whether you actually belong to Margarita Simoyan’s disinformation network. The leader in Moscow is spending billions to reach gullible and dissatisfied people in other countries with his lies and distortions of history. Under certain circumstances, your activity and the likeable one could. personal kind that you have can help and you can improve your financial situation somewhat.

In any case, I advocate that countries in the world respect the borders of other countries, that all countries have a free choice of alliances, that people can freely choose their identity and that conflicts are resolved peacefully. I also support the separation of powers, so that politicians who make decisions do not simultaneously control the media in a country and, on top of that, the military, the secret service and the police – and in the case of Russia even industry. I consider it positive to live in a country where these things are separate and therefore there is no massive abuse of power that can cost millions of people their lives.

I have been to Russia many times and I, along with my friends, mourn the loss of freedom and truth that is currently a reality there. Unfortunately, you will only feel comfortable there if you see everything completely differently. When the hairless person in Moscow who is pulling the strings is your hero and you actually despise freedom and the existence of separation of powers in the West. I am sure that in the future Russia will also become a free country, where honest people truly serve the people and are truly interested in cooperative and friendly relations on an equal footing with others. At this point in time, Russia as a whole will no longer be ashamed of the massive violence in its own history, but will instead use this suffering to create an incomprehensible strength to never again underestimate the lives of people and place them under the interests of the state.

Take care