Accumulate vs. Letting go

The jackal holds an energy of accumulation, of wanting to own and control things, both material and immaterial.

The giraffe practices the skill of letting go.

Watching our habitual tendency to accumulate things in the widest sense of the word, we can ask ourselves what are the causes for this and what makes it so hard to let go?

This will be useful in the future.

I will be safe, if I have enough money.

I cannot get this book, because it will be out of print.

It might be useful to someone else, so I will keep it.

But as our posessions grow, they also claim our attention and often demand care. It seemed nice to have a house of our own, but then we need to pay off the debt for many years and then we needed to clean the rooms and to take care of the garden and all of this took much of our freedom away as well.

Taking a photo of a nice view, I made so many photos that now I have tens of thousands of photos and I feel I need to clean up this collection, but it feels more like an unwelcome task that I will do some time in the future.

Looking inside I find the main obstacle in me to letting go of money, posessions both material and immaterial is FEAR.

At the same time, I do know that the space created after letting go of a project, a posession, is a space of freedom and life.